A jealous ex-wife’s murderous smile and the comic traits of a working-class woman reveal how classically-trained actress Linette Beaumont gives life to diverse characters. Continual study combined with the joy and pain of early life experiences shapes her performances on screen and on Britain’s beloved television shows.


In her lead role as disturbed ex-wife Eva in The Prowler, Linette covered deadly pain with a teasing smile to fatally lure her ex-husband back home, played by Dominic Rowan. Director Tim Kent lauded her as “unsettlingly believable” and writer Matthew Arlidge noted she captured Eva’s “complex psychology” and brought “menace to the role.”

Her portrayal and the film have gained significant recognition: Linette won Best Shorts California 2017, Leading Actress Award of Merit; Toronto Film Festival 2017 Best Performance; Madrid Film Festival 2017 Best Lead Actress, nomination; San Diego Film Festival Lead Actress, nomination.

Linette has also earned impressive TV credits. This year (2018) on Endeavour V, she delighted audiences as Paulette Thursday, the naïve yet well-meaning sister-in-law of Detective Thursday. The working-class wife from 1968 became the person who would lighten the mood with her smile and find the best in any situation. While portraying Cherish Hylton on EastEnders, Linette offered the subtle glances and witty retorts of a confident woman who was treading on to someone else’s turf.
Her connection is real. “She has that quality that all the great stars have…the camera loves her,” says Jeffrey Kramer, Executive Producer, CBS.


Reassuring. Tense. Comedic. And building to the point that all hell is about to explode is part of Linette’s emotional range that was engrained in her during childhood and later developed with intense, classical training at Drama Centre London.

All characters have a soul that is worth exploring. “I am very curious about people,” she says. “As an actor you are able to experience the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Her versatility caught the attention of writer-director Daniel Yost (co-writer Drugstore Cowboy) who has cast Linette in the lead role of Melody’s Tune, a film where a dysfunctional mother abandons her daughter on the streets and the girl invents a soothing, good mother. Linette will play the negligent mother, Wanda, and the girl’s imaginary, caring mother, Lulu.

Her late parents instilled in her a love of stories and the work ethic to develop them. Linette’s mother was an opera singer from New Zealand and her father served as a British Marine Commando who later became chief herdsman at the Hatfield House, one of Britain’s Treasured Houses. In an interview she recalled sitting among the “cows, sheep and the birds” to “make up plays and recite poems.”

Tragedy struck with her father battling illness, unable to work, and the family losing their home near the sea. Settling in council flats in Essex was made harder after her father died when she was 12 and her brother continued struggling with complications from a brain tumor.

A fiery determination tempered with empathy for others fueled Linette. Dancing was an outlet into her 20s, but that came to a sudden halt after a glass shard dropped on her foot and severed a ligament.

Her calling as an artist persisted and she took up the challenge of Drama Centre where she worked alongside Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender.


Her studies during a three-year period prepared her for projects like an acclaimed interpretation of Lady Macbeth that was called a “vividly portrayed, compelling performance” (UK Theatre Network Review). Coronation Street, Trial & Retribution and many more productions have showcased her ability to create multi-dimensional characters.

Linette’s commitment on-set has earned industry respect for her performances and her ability to handle production challenges. Kent appreciated her “can-do attitude. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Sensitivity to the character and the director led Jonas Åkerlund to engage this spirit of collaboration while directing Linette on a national commercial that aired in the U.S. “With authenticity and grace, Linette not only met my expectations but exceeded them.”

Her solid reputation for excellence is well-known and Linette’s end goal is doing good work. “I want to play the roles that have depth, get into the character, and understand them.”

Refining her craft is an on-going process, whether she’s instructing a fight scene in an interpretation of Romeo and Juliet as she has at Her Majesty’s Theatre or carrying a murder scene.

Linette has shared her talents beyond stage and screen to help the nonprofit Kids for Kids reach children in Sudan who live in abject poverty and are at risk of starvation. She has singularly started a fundraising campaign for the charity involving performing arts schools across the U.K.

A smile and kind words for those who work with her is Linette Beaumont’s personal trademark. Write those same words in a script and her smile on-screen sends chills down the spine.