by michalk

Los Angeles, California 23 JUNE 2018
Endeavour Series 5 maintains strong writing and character development in each episode.

American audiences thirsting for British drama and mystery can view the turmoil shaking Oxford to its core as PBS’ Masterpiece airs Endeavour Series 5, beginning Sunday, June 24, 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

The British drama starring Shaun Evans as a younger Inspector Morse and Roger Allam as Detective Thursday presents six episodes for the first time in the show’s history.

Evans and Allam are among the cast members whose fan base includes loyal viewers across the globe. Endeavour was first broadcast in 2013 and has been sold in over 150 countries.

More than just a who-done-it crime show, Endeavour is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse. The episodes dig below the surface to explore the topics that made 1968 a seminal year. Riots, a radio broadcast interrupted by news of an assassination, and changing fashions reveal the global changes impacting Oxford.

Personally, the characters experience their own shakes and tremors. In episode 2, “Cartouche,” the quirky relatives of Allam’s Detective Thursday stop to visit—much to the Inspector’s chagrin.

The guest stars are accomplished veterans of the U.K. stage and television who have a history of familiarity to U.S. viewers.

Phil Daniels, starring in the stage version of Jekyl and Hyde, played Jimmy in 1979’s Quadrophenia, inspired by The Who.


Linette Beaumont, in the role of Paulette, Allam’s sister-in-law, has won acclaim for stage roles including Lady Macbeth and garnered international awards, including best actress, for a recent short film.

U.S. audiences saw her in a pivotal commercial for Viagra as the first female spokeswoman. The ad and its tone was covered in-depth in outlets ranging from Forbes magazine and Fox News to AdAge and the Hollywood Reporter.

Endeavour goes deeper than an interest in British culture. How the characters develop inside a well-written storyline keeps viewers tuning in for more. The show is produced by Mammoth studios and has the green light for a season 6. The prequel continues.