Linette Beaumont wins Best Lead Actress

Los Angeles, California 17 JULY 2017   Linette Beaumont, the first female spokeswoman for Viagra, wins Best Lead Actress, Best Shorts Competition, La Jolla, California in short indie thriller film The Prowler.   The actress who scored the spot as Viagra’s first female spokeswoman has made her mark in the U.S. again, capturing attention on

Linette Beaumont earns film thriller win

Lying prone with a gentle gaze, the blonde woman sets the scene as being “just you and your honey.” Those first words set the stage for a landmark U.S. commercial.   An Actor’s Professionalism   Linette already had extensive modeling and commercial jobs plus roles on popular British shows like Coronation Street and rave reviews

Gracious and determined – Interview

Los Angeles, California   The British actress made her U.S. television debut with a seductive pitch for Viagra. What viewers didn’t see, but should appreciate, is the depth of talent and character she brings to every role. Few actresses get parodied on the Ellen Degeneres show like Linette Beaumont, thanks to her commercial in 2014

The sexy British actress

1 NOVEMBER 2014 Five things to know about the new (female) face of the iconic blue pill   In the past, erectile dysfunction ads have kept their imagery firmly in the realm of inference or lifestyle choices; middle-aged men fishing, or perhaps a couple dancing at sunset or snuggling on a porch. In contrast, the

The Prowler Film

A cast and crew known to film and television audiences throughout the UK is enjoying success from their award-winning short film, The Prowler, that won international recognition on the film festival circuit. The psychological thriller was directed by Tim Kent (Clever Boy Media), who teamed up with producers Daniella Gonella and Jay Michaelson (DG Productions).

The School For Scandal – The Stage Review

Sheridan’s focus on the damaging effects of press gossip and personal debt makes his comedy of manners almost a play for today. But Harry Meacher’s revival of this rarely-seen masterpiece is set in a 1920s art deco world of cocktails and campery, evoked by Yvonne Fisher’s stylish design. The evening starts with a typical Meacher


In as much as Shakespeare is the high priest of English Literature, Rebellious Subjects choice of venue for their production of Macbeth seemed oddly fitting. No doubt some of the actual congregation turned up and were mildly perturbed to find three gorgeous S&M garbed witches torturing a man on an alter of their own. This