by michalk

Family pain has teeth biting at our insides as Detective Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) discovers on Endeavour Series 5. His estranged brother, Charlie, sister-in-law Paulette, and niece Carol appear during the film “Cartouche,” airing Sunday, February 11 on UK’s ITV.

Detective Thursday’s generosity to his family is tested in the midst of a poisoning in Oxford and the uncovering of a revenge plot.

The new faces are portrayed by Phil Daniels as Charlie and Linette Beaumont as Paulette. Emma Rigby rounds out the trio as Carol the daughter.

Each of the guest stars is recognizable to U.S. audiences who tune in to the series on PBS.

Daniels’ breakout role was playing Jimmy in Quadrophonia, the 1979 drama inspired by The Who. He’s currently on tour in the U.K. in Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.


Beaumont, a veteran of British TV productions, won acclaim recently as a jilted wife taking murderous revenge on her ex-husband in The Prowler film. She is currently in pre-production for Melody’s Tune, a U.S. film written and directed by Daniel Yost (Drugstore Cowboy with Matt Dillon). She first splashed across American TV screens as the first female spokesperson for the landmark Viagra commercials.

Rigby is known for playing the Red Queen in the American fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She’s well-known to U.K. audiences for playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in long-running soap opera Hollyoaks.

Solving murders and labouring beneath the threat of curses has its own demands, as Detective Thursday knows. But family conflicts are personally deeper and can leave scars for life.

Endeavour Series 5 explores an array of tensions with the longest-running films to date.

International Business Times, 2018