by michalk

Recent entertainment headlines point to what appears to be a long-term trend among actors: Britain’s got talent and America’s got an audience willing to watch. The BBC proclaimed: “‘Selma’: A Very American Story Told through British Actors.” A Hollywood Reporter headline from 2012 ran a feature, “11 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s ‘It’ List.”

In October 2014, there was another British invasion on America’s small screen. An attractive blonde reassured men about erectile dysfunction in a commercial for Viagra. Actress Linette Beaumont, a 40-something classically trained actress from London, was the first female spokesperson for the product with the creative idea coming from ad agency BBDO.

The commercial was parodied by Ellen DeGeneres and I had the chance to ask Linette what the production meant for her career. She described it like a calling card. “This is how you know me.”

Linette’s goal is to know her full range of capabilities. “This is who I am.”

She’s looking to advance her career in Hollywood and demonstrate the training she received in her late 20s at London’s Drama Centre, plus experience gained from numerous appearances on British television productions and as the lead character in the recent short film The Prowler.

Her foray into entertainment began at age three as a classically-trained ballet dancer with the support of her parents who passed on to her a love for poetry and the arts. While Linette has experienced the highs and lows of an acting career, she manages to stay positive and is excited about the possibilities of the digital age. “It’s an exciting time in the industry with actors not just making a splash in films but on series like ones on HBO or productions streaming on Amazon and available on Netflix. There’s a freedom that [technology] has brought to artists.”

She understands the role that commercials play in an actor’s career and said she got a kick out of the Viagra spot that landed her headlines in the U.S. and U.K. “I worked with [director] Jonas Ackerlund and he was truly wonderful. Making the commercial was a lot of fun and I was able to put a lot of trust in Jonas.”

Will she be disappointed if she doesn’t land a juicy role in LA?

“I simply love what I do. Acting is about doing good work and that’s what I’m passionate about.”

Linette’s love for her craft is evident in her work ethic, something she saw modeled in her parents, and she brings an intangible that anyone in the industry can appreciate—an upbeat attitude. Oh, yeah. And a genuine British accent.