My Biggest Fan


A cuddly, roly poly dog named Stanley Bear is my loyal and charming companion. He’s stuffed with generous amounts of good nature, and he offers it freely when I need a hug after a long day on set or during a break in photo shoots.

Stanley is a Mastweiler who was only 12 weeks old when I rescued him through the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Walks and window shopping are among his favourite pastimes and he will sit quietly by my side during those rare, yet precious moments when we sit atop Primrose Hill and gaze over London.

He needs a big body to handle all his goodness, but when we’re on walks some people cast a suspicious eye give and give him a wide berth. If they only knew his mellow nature, and how he’s helped children overcome their fear of both big and little dogs, they’d want to wrap their arms around his neck and bury their faces in his fur.

That’s one of the reasons I’m glad he’s my number one fan.

Around the house, Stan is tops as a helper. When I fell down the steps once and banged my head, there he was, sitting patiently and then helping me to my feet so I could get the phone. He was equally gentle with my late mum when she was in the hospital. He literally went inside for a visit and I made a makeshift harness so he could pull her wheelchair into the sunshine and fresh air.

Stanley the Bear is quite cultured. He’s a connoisseur of cooked chicken, a fan of classical FM and sings along in his own tune to the themes of Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia. Though he’s only age three, I call him my biggest fan because – he loves me like no one else.

Stan as a Puppy