Linette Beaumont Plays Lead in New Psychological Thriller 'The Prowler'

British film and television actress Linette Beaumont, who came to America's attention last year as the first femaleface of Viagra's national commercial, will now star as Eva in the new film The Prowler. The latest psychological thriller from the creative mind of famous author M.J. Arlidge, aka Matthew Arlidge and produced by DG Productions based atPinewood Studios, The Prowler will open to UK audiences on May 7, 2015, with an American release set for Los Angeles to follow shortly after.

"I've always been a big fan of Linette's work and was thrilled to write a role specifically for her," said Arlidge. "She is brilliant as Eva, perfectly capturing the character's complex psychology and bringing vulnerability, intelligence, and menace to the role."

Directed by Tim Kent, The Prowler is a Christmas chiller that revolves around Eva's relationship with ex-husband Daniel, played by Law & Order: UK's Dominic Rowan, while the presence of a mysterious prowler stalks their residence. Eva and Daniel navigate a labyrinth of secrets and difficult mutual history, leaving audiences questioning the truth at every suspenseful turn.

The Prowler is a unique collaboration of industry veterans such as Oscar-winning sound designer Glenn Freemantle(Tarzan, Steve Jobs, The Theory of Everything, Gravity), Oscar-nominated editor Kant Pan (The Crying Game), SFX supervisor Graham Povey (Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan), gaffer Lou Bogue (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining) and many more.

"I love stories that move, scare and surprise you," Arlidge continues to state. "This film does all three!