The Prowler


British film and television actress Linette Beaumont will star as Eva in the new psychological thriller The Prowler. The film is a unique collaboration of Oscar-winning and nominated industry veterans and many more.
— Broadway World

It was an honour and a privilege to work with such an amazing cast and crew on The Prowler. A psychological thriller written by the wonderful Matthew Arlidge, and directed by the brilliant Tim Kent. It stars Dominic Rowan as my husband Daniel Wilson. I am playing his ex-wife Eva, who isn’t quite who you think she is!

Introduction to the Film

It’s Christmas Eve. But it’s not Santa who will be paying you a surprise visit tonight… Daniel Wilson is looking forward to his first proper Christmas with girlfriend, Helena. But when ex-wife Eva calls on Christmas Eve, claiming a prowler has tried to break in, Daniel finds himself back at his former family home. He is determined to protect his ex-wife and daughter Alice from harm, but is Eva telling the truth? Or is this just a last ditch attempt to resurrect their marriage and lure Daniel back into the fold?


I love stories that move, scare and surprise you. This film does all three!”
– Matthew Arlidge, writer of The Prowler

Very excited to share some of our lovely press and interviews.

Behind the Scenes

The Prowler is a unique collaboration of industry veterans such as Oscar-winning sound designer Glenn Freemantle (Tarzan, Steve Jobs, The Theory of Everything, Gravity), Bafta winning Directed of photography, James Friend, Oscar-nominated editor Kant Pan (The Crying Game), SFX supervisor Graham Povey (Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan), gaffer Lou Bogue (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining) and many more.
– Broadway World

The Prowler Trailer